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Community Relations Council (CRC)


The Community Relations Council (CRC) engages in public policy issues exclusively on the basis of Jewish values and:

  • promotes and defends equal rights and social and economic justice for all
  • assures freedom of thought, opinion, expression and association
  • insists that all governmental actions neither endorse nor unduly inhibit religious practice and that they do not extensively entangle government and religion
  • fosters amicable relationships among ethnic, racial, national, religious and other groups in our community
  • promotes better understanding between the Jewish community and the community at large with respect to issues affecting the local, state, national and international Jewish community
  • enlists governmental and public support on behalf of Israel
  • enlists governmental and public support for oppressed communities throughout the world, with special vigilance against genocide
  • advocates positions on human services and social legislation affecting the Jewish community
  • builds coalitions with groups and organizations in the wider Pittsburgh community in the promotion of all of the above purposes
  • functions as a non-partisan body without any political affiliation or participation in party or electoral politics


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Mini Grants Initiative: 2017 Civic Inclusion & Engagement Fund -
New Partnerships
Vibrant Pittsburgh (VP) and the Urban Affairs Foundation, of the Community Relations Council of Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, seek to mobilize Greater Pittsburgh’s community groups to create a more diverse and inclusive region. Please follow the links below to learn more:

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